Law and Digital Society:
Re-Imagining the Futures

Annual meeting Research Committee on Sociology of Law

CANCELED - 23 - 25 August, Lund, Sweden 


Getting to Lund

Lund is located in the very south of Sweden, in not far from Malmö (Sweden’s third largest city) and Copenhagen in Denmark. Copenhagen airport Kastrup is the closets large airport, though Malmö airport Sturup has some international (often low-cost) connections, too, and is worth checking as an alternative.

From Kastrup to Lund

The train from Kastrup aitport to Lund takes about 40 minutes and the ticket costs 150 SEK (≈15€). We recommend buying it through the app of the local public transport system Skånetrafiken (Google Play and App Store, English interface available). Choose ‘Lund C’ as your final destination (the main railway station in Lund). It is also possible to buy tickets through a ticket machine directly at the airport, but at ca 20% higher price. The trains depart every 20 minutes and we highly recommend to use them.

Getting from Kastrup to Lund by taxi is expensive (≈150€) and price depends on the time of the day (more expensive at night). Taxi companies usually have fixed fares for getting to Lund, but make sure to ask in advance. You can pay for taxi with a credit card.
You may encounter a passport control on the border between Denmark and Sweden.

From Sturup to Lund

There is a bus service connecting Sturup with Lund. The trip takes about 35 minutes and the tickets can be bought in a machine at the exit from the airport. The ticket cost 140SEK (≈14€). Busses are not very frequent, but are scheduled to match the plane arrivals.
You can also take a taxi for a fixed priced (depends on the company), make sure to ask about the fare in advance.


There are many hotels in the central part of Lund within walking distance from both the railway/bus station and the conference venue.

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